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Tree Planting & Environmental Advocacy

School children are engaged in tree planting activities in a manner that is fan-filled and inculcate in them, the need to take initiatives that can save the planet.

Water Pollution Prevention Campaign

The task is huge, we need to work together. A collaborative effort is what we require to stop the pollution of our water bodies. We invite you to join us in the crusade against water pollution.

The Green Spirit

The Green Spirit aims at challenging people to be creative and innovate alternative uses for wood product.

Areas Where We Work

  • Tree planting to increase tree density in a given area.
  • Water pollution prevention campaign.
  • Green Spirit, innovative thinking and action
  • Land restoration

When We Met Them, This is What They Said

Thanks to Ecofrontiers, the tree density at Okuapeman Senior High School has increased. They came to our school in 2017 and planted a number of trees which have all grown so beautifully.

We are really very impressed with their approach and interest.

Mr. Robert SangmoteyAgric MasterOkuapeman SHS

When Ecofrontiers approached me, I was very excited as it was timely. We were planning to plant trees around our school compound and their plan and structure fussed well into ours. We worked together seamlessly in the spirited experience. They provided the seedlings free of charge.

Mr. K. DapaaAgric Science MasterGCIHS